Credentialed Medicare Expert Sabiha Haider Khan of Tampa, FL Gives Back

Sabiha Haider Khan is one of the very few individuals that have seen and done it all. As a career person and consulting specialist with several projects to her name, striving to give back to the community by volunteering with the BKH Humanitarian Foundation, Human Development Foundation, and the Tampa Bay Charity, as well as numerous other causes.

Sabiha Khan holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia University in New York and a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts with a rich background in medical specialties. As a Medicare expert witness, Sabiha has more than two decades of experience of Medicare managed care experience and 13+ years of healthcare compliance expertise. She is currently serving as the Director of Compliance for Quality Health Plans of New York, Inc (QHP).

Over the years, Sabiha has served as a consulting specialist on numerous projects, including projects involving Medicare Advantage Part D compliance, Management Service Organization, Independent Physician Associations, Third Party Administrators, Telehealth, international health care, Affordable Care Act, and a host of others. Sabiha has provided top-notch consulting in areas such as regulatory, operations and finance compliance has been a priority, with her track record and a penchant for staying on top of the latest changes in health compliance making her a sought-after resource.

Her healthcare administration experience spans across different capacities. Some of her recent work includes working as a Chief Compliance Officer in LaborFirst, LLC, then as a Director of Compliance/Compliance Officer at Quality Health Plans of New York, Inc (QHP), where she currently works.

Sabiha Haider Khan

As a volunteer, Sabiha Haider Khan in Tampa, FL works with BKH Humanitarian Foundation to manage Soup Kitchen and a free clinic for the indigent, in Pasco County Florida. She is also a volunteer and a former board member of the Human Development Foundation, providing micro-loans to village communities and education to children in 3rd world countries. Sabiha Khan is also currently volunteering at Tampa Bay Charity Volunteer and is a Committee Member. She assists in setting up several activities, such as clothes, food and toy drive for the underprivileged. Sabiha also helps with meal services and is involved in an administrative capacity, assisting with political support, and fundraising.